Dr. Jay Patel Dentist at Outdoor Dental, a Calgary SE Dental Clinic, serves the communities of Seton, Mahogany, Auburn Bay, Cranston, New Brighton & Surrounding Areas
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Why Outdoor Dental?
Dentist Calgary SE

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Choosing the right dentist for your family can be difficult and is a very responsible task

• Which dental services to look for?
• What about fees and insurance?
• Does the dental clinic meet your needs?
• Do other people like this dentist?
• Does the overall ambience feel good?

Calgary SE dentist, Dr. Jay Patel:
"I believe in walking the talk. That's why I called my practice Outdoor Dental. It clearly reflects my family's healthy lifestyle. Giving your trust to a dentist can make you feel concerned about your overall health, looks, and dental treatment cost. But my word is not enough. Please read our reviews, and discover what other people say about Outdoor Dental!

We looooove new dental technologies!

Like the advanced SOLEA LASER. Providing you with "No Needles - No Drills" treatments! Check it out!

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Our Dental Services

We believe that finding the right dentist should be simple and easy.

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Don't let questionable dentistry happen to you

• Dental confusion is not necessary

• Dental “surprises” should never happen

• Dental disasters can be avoided

• Dental treatments should be affordable

• Finding a good dentist should be easy

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Quality dentistry should be available to anyone

• We always listen before doing

• We avoid any treatment confusion

• We never "push"

• We make it as affordable as possible

• We consider your overall health #1

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Your Dentist in Calgary SE

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Now more than ever, we all have greater awareness of the importance of maintaining our health.
Outdoor Dental is focused on supporting not just oral health, but a healthy lifestyle.  We believe that oral health plays a vital role in maintaining overall health. Everything about our practice is oriented towards helping our patients to live and enjoy healthy lives.

That’s why we chose the name “Outdoor Dental”  because we know that spending time outdoors, enjoying hiking, biking, recreational activities or even reading a book outside, all contribute to physical and emotional health. 

As a practice, Outdoor Dental’s goal is to “leave a healthy footprint on your smile.”  We achieve this by using state-of-the-art dental technologies to provide our patients with the least invasive, safest and most pain free treatments and procedures. Because we believe that the materials we use in our treatments should be safe, we only use non-toxic white material for fillings, which means they look better too. In fact, Outdoor Dental provides drill and needle-free fillings with a Solea Dental Laser which eliminates not only dental anxiety, but the need for anesthetics. We can also do “One Visit Crowns”, so you don’t need to come to our clinic twice for your crown.  

Outdoor Dental welcomes patients from toddlers to seniors. We believe that caring for teeth and oral health is a lifelong journey and we are there to support our patients at every stage. For seniors, we offer cleanings at our dental hygiene clinic in the west wing of AgeCare Seton. Whatever your age, or the stage of life you are in, or the condition of your teeth, our dental team is ready to care for you and your oral health.

“I believe in walking the talk. That’s why I’ve called my dental office Outdoor Dental. It clearly reflects my family’s healthy lifestyle.” – Dr. Jay Patel 
Our vision is to promote health inside and outside Outdoor Dental. That is why we are involved in our community to support healthy lifestyles by raising money for local charities that provide health and wellness activities for children and adults.  

Outdoor Dental is committed to providing our patients with the oral care they need and deserve to support their overall health, and the healthy lifestyles they seek to enjoy.
Founded in 2016, Dr. Jay Patel at Outdoor Dental has become a trusted dental clinic in Calgary SE while serving the communities of Seton, Mahogany, Auburn Bay, Cranston, New Brighton & surrounding areas.

Dental Clinic Calgary SE
Overview of Outdoor Dental Services

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Family Dentistry

family dentist calgary sePatients of all ages are welcome. Meet our gentle, caring, and friendly dental team. You won't be disappointed! We will leave a healthy footprint on your smile. Call us, email us, or visit us to make an dental appointment today. Seton Dentist Dr. Jay Patel at Outdoor Dental, your dental clinic, office, practice in Calgary SE, provides pediatric (kids) dentistry and the following adult dental services:

  • Dental Cleaning - We consider your overall health #1.
  • Kids Dental Care - Children first. Meet our kids-friendly team.
  • White fillings - Healthier, prettier, and ... shinier!
  • Tooth Extractions - No ... it doesn't have to hurt.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal - Preventative action is key.
  • Root Canal Treatment - When it's there - it needs to happen.
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges - Let's fix it. Let's do it right.
  • One Visit Crowns - Just one day. That's worth the wait!
  • Sports & Night Guard - Protection for injury or grinding.
  • Gingivitus / Gum Disease - Healthy gums, healthy teeth, healthy breath.
  • Bad Breath - Remember: Bad breath is not sexy.
  • Sedation Dentistry - Good night. Lights out. Done.
  • Your Dentures - Look, feel, eat, speak, and live better.
  • Jaw Pain - TMJ is usually the cause.

Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentist calgary se
  • Dental Veneers - Beautiful and affordable.
  • Teeth Whitening - Restore healthy gums before it's too late.
  • Dental Implants - The #1 restoration for missing teeth.


  orthodontist calgary se
  • Kids Braces - Straight teeth. Look better. Feel better.
  • Sure Smile Aligners - More than just clear braces.
  • Adult Braces - "Invisible" braces is a real option with Invisalign.

Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentist calgary se
  • Dental Implants - The #1 restoration for missing teeth.
  • Gingivitus / Gum Disease - Healthy gums, healthy teeth, healthy breath.
  • Filling Large Cavities - White fillings. Healthier, prettier, and shinier!
  • One Visit Crowns - Just one day. That's worth the wait!
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges - Let's fix it. Let's do it right.
  • Missing Teeth - A gap needs to be filled or it will create other problems

Dentistry for Seniors

senior dentist calgary se As a dentist for seniors in Calgary SE, Outdoor Dental is teaming up with AgeCare Seton to provide dental hygiene care for residents. Maintaining good oral hygiene as you get older, is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. To help maintain healthy, white smiles for AgeCare residents we will offer cleanings at our dental hygiene clinic in the west wing of AgeCare Seton.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Care

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Breathing problems during sleep can be dangerous to your health or even fatal. Wearing a custom-made oral appliance can stop snoring and regulate your breathing pattern at night.

  • Anti Snoring Device- Keeping your spouse awake at night?
  • Mouth Guard for Sleeping - Sleep apnea can be very dangerous for your health.
  • CPAP Alternatives - When you're sick 'n tired of that machine ...
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DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this website is not intended to serve as medical advice. An appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan for any pa ent can be made only by visiting your dentist, physician, or group of doctors. Dr. Jay Patel at Outdoor Dental shall have no liability or responsibility to any individual with respect to loss or damage directly or indirectly caused or alleged by the information contained in this website or obtained from other websites to which a visitor may connect and view. Outdoor Dental, a Calgary SE Seton Dental Clinic, provides family dentistry, cosmetic dental treatment op ons, restorative dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry (TMJ), dental implants, dentures, snoring & sleep apnea solutions, oral health prevention, periodontal gum care, sedation treatments, and orthodontics. Besides Seton, we proudly serve southeast SE Calgary communities such as: Mahogany, New Brighton, Auburn Bay, Chaparral, and Cranston.
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