Bad Breath

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Bad breath is far from a desirable trait. Not only is it unpleasant to those around you, but it can harm impressions you make. Bad breath is often assumed to stem from poor personal hygiene habits. Yet determining what causes it can be more complex than not brushing your teeth.

Before allowing your bad breath problem to ruin your next date or job interview, learn what factors are at play so you can avoid it.

Why it happens and how to stop it

Foul breath, halitosis in medical terms, has one immediate cause but many aggravating factors. The trigger behind bad breath is almost always the work of bacteria in your mouth. These microorganisms feed off traces of food and saliva. As a by-product of their digestion, they produce foul-smelling substances. This is why, a few hours after eating, bad breath often rears its ugly head. Morning breath has a reputation for being especially gruesome.

The most popular and immediate method against halitosis is brushing and flossing after meals. But no home dental cleaning will ever be complete. Bad breath can come back – especially after eating sulfur-rich foods, like onions and garlic. If you noticed your breath have been getting worse lately, an aggravating factor may be causing your bad breath.

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Gingivitis or periodontitis can be keeping your teeth from being clean. These conditions involve excessive bacteria and plaque forming in your gums and mouth. They can result in cavities or losing a tooth. Often times, people who have had root canal treatments before may find that a piece of food may be stuck in the fillings or grafts.

People wondering “why do I have bad breath?” may also find they are suffering from one of these specific types of malodorous breath:

  • A sugary, rotten smell is often a sign of high blood sugar – such as poorly managed or undiagnosed diabetes.
  • A vinegary smell, on the other hand, may be a sign of ketosis, and is often seen among people who are crash dieting or fasting.
  • If bad breath smells like stools or vomit, it could be a sign of a gastrointestinal condition, from GERD to more serious intestinal problems.
  • Some medications, such as those used against angina, tranquilizers, or lithium, can cause a metallic breath scent.

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Ultimately, the best plan to get rid of bad breath will depend on your own personal circumstances and an expert’s advice.

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