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Botox for TMJ Calgary SE

for TMJ Pain

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Is Botox for TMJ Migraines, Headaches, and Jaw Pain effective?

Botox has been used as a cosmetic treatment since the 1990s, and it’s also popular in the medical field as both a muscle relaxant and as treatment for TMJ jaw pain, migraines and chronic headaches.

But can it help those with TMJ pain? That’s what we explore in this article, in which we discuss botox therapy and its efficacy when it comes to managing symptoms of TMJ disorder. Dr. Jeremy Brandelli at Outdoor Dental Clinic in Calgary SE provides Botox for TMJ side effects. Let’s get started!


botox for tmj calgary se

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What is the cause of my TMJ migraines or headaches?

Not always but in most cases, TMJ jaw pain is caused by a malocclusion (misalignment) of your bite. The muscles that control chewing can become hyper-stimulated or under-stimulated, resulting in pain in your neck, jaw, and face.

TMJ headaches can be caused by cranial neuralgia. Cranial neuralgia is characterized by severe facial pain originating from either one of three major cranial nerves, which control senses such as taste, vision, hearing, and balance (as well as part of our swallowing mechanism). It usually affects just one side of the face at a time but some people experience bilateral (both sides) pain simultaneously.

SE Calgary Botox Dentist Dr. Jeremy Brandelli at Outdoor Dental office can help.

Is therapeutic Botox treatment for TMJ jaw pain, migraines/headaches recommended?

botox tmj migraines calgary se

TMJ migraines, headaches, jaw pain can be debilitating. Fortunately, the number of treatment options is growing. Botox for TMJ headaches, migraines, and jaw pain is a new development that has shown great promise in reducing TMJ headaches (and/or migraines).

According to Health Canada, Botulinum toxin type A has not been approved yet as a preventive treatment for chronic migraine in adults. Nevertheless, the use of Botox for TMJ has been studied over the past decade with clear indications that Botox for TMJ Treatment can be highly effective.

One particular study found that Botox treatments significantly decreased pain and increased mouth movements for three months following the treatment. If you are suffering from jaw pain or migraines – it may be worth discussing your symptoms with your doctor first, whether Botox injections provided by a dentist in Calgary SE like Outdoor Dental, could help alleviate these symptoms.

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How long will it take to see results from botox injections for my headaches or jaw pain?

Botox injections for headaches or jaw pain is different from person to person. You will usually start to see results within a few days of your treatment and will notice maximum results in 3-4 weeks.

Results from botox for headaches or jaw pain also tends to last anywhere from 4-8 months. Speak with your doctor for more information about how long before results from botox injections for headaches or jaw pain may take place.

Typically there is no downtime with botox injections for headaches or jaw pain, however you will want to avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after your treatment.

Will I need more treatments after this initial set of injections?

In most cases you will return within 3 months of your initial treatment but it may vary depending on how severe your pain is. If you were initially injected with 30 units of botox for jaw pain, you might need additional injections in order to achieve your goal.

You’ll be able to see what works best for you after your first set of injections so be sure to let our doctor know if any side effects occur or if there is no improvement after these initial Botox for TMJ injections.

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Dr. Jeremy Brandelli, Dentist Calgary SE, provides TMJ Botox Treatment for Jaw Pain, Migraines, and Headaches.

dentist botox tmj calgary se

Born and raised in Calgary, Dr. Brandelli graduated from the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) dental program at the University of Alberta School of Dentistry and then went on to complete his residency at the University of Alberta Hospital.

During his dental education, Dr. Brandelli published multiple scientific articles in the fields of orthodontics and radiology.  He went on to work in southern Alberta for a few years before returning home to Calgary and joining Outdoor Dental.

A continuing education fanatic, Dr. Brandelli enjoys keeping up to date with the latest advances in the dental field. This, along with a comprehensive, individualized treatment approach ensures that patients are well taken care of.

In his free time Dr. Brandelli can be found wall climbing, cooking cuisines from around the globe, gardening or restoring vintage furniture.

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