May 24, 2019

Cannabis and Your Oral Health - Dentist Calgary Explains

Maintaining good oral health is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. Not only does it impact your physical appearance, but you can have serious health issues as well.

Today, the focus will be on how to maintain good dental practices, even with the use of cannabis products.

Oral Health Tips From Our Dentist in Calgary SE

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada and its increased usage by both adults and children, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

While using marijuana or cannabis, dental health practices will effectively help you to maintain a bright smile that showcases healthy teeth and gums. They will also keep you safeguarded during procedures.

There are varieties of Marijuana, so its impact will vary from person to person. The THC in your system will have a longer duration depending on whether it was inhaled, smoked or ingested.

The possibility of uncontrolled bleeding is increased while using marijuana products. Therefore, avoid using cannabis before visiting the dentist. If you do, this can cause a postponement of any procedures that you might have scheduled, for your safety and wellbeing.

If you are taking any medications while consuming cannabis products, they might not be as effective – which includes anesthetics which are used during dental procedures.

Remember to inform your medical professionals and Calgary SE dentist, Dr. Jay Patel,  about your use of any of these cannabis products.

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