Dental Fees and Dental Insurance

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Dentist Calgary SE Fees

We often receive inquiries regarding how much our dental treatments cost. We take pride in expressing clarity with our guests and to save our patients’ time, here are the common price codes we use at our SE dental clinic.

Please note that this serves only as a guide and is not a cost estimate for services. As dental needs may differ case by case, individuals are subject to a treatment plan that is customized to their dental needs.

Reference Guide for Commonly Used Fees a

Our office follows the recommended fees as outlined by the Alberta Dental Association & College as of 2018.

For more in depth look at all dental fees, the fee guide can be found at


  • New Patient Permanent Dentition – $101.48
  • New Patient Mixed Dentition – $97.00
  • Emergency / Specific / Recall Exam – $70.00
  • New Patient Primary Dentition – $ 71.17
Specific/Emergency Exam – $ 75


  • Bitewing X-rays (2) – $45.08
  • Bitewing X-ray (4) – $78.37
Periapical (1) – $30
  • Periapical (3) – $67.40
  • Panoramic X-ray $88.32
  • CBCT 3D Scan – $200 (unless included in specific treatment plan)


  • 1 unit- $75
  • 2 units – $134.32
  • 3 units – $201.00
  • 4 units – $268.64
  • 6 units – $402.00
  • Polish – $60
  • Fluoride- $28.99

**includes complete exam, all x-rays and 3-unit scale, polish & fluoride

** dependent on number of surfaces of the filling
** no extra charge for fillings done with Solea Laser (no needle or drill fillings)


SINGLE-VISIT CROWN  (ONE-DAY CROWN) – $1200 (including lab fee)

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LAB MADE CROWN (ANTERIOR/FRONT TOOTH) – $1400 (including lab & custom shade)

BRIDGE – $3000 (3 unit), $4300 (4 unit)

**exam & x-rays required for final estimate

** does not include final filling

  • 1 canal – $750.00
  • 2 canal – $964.25
  • 3 canal – $1127.65
4 canal – $1423.30
  • Pulpotomy (baby tooth)  – $150


  • Baby tooth extraction – $150
  • Residual Root Tip  – $150

** Exam and x-rays are required before estimate can be given

  • Surgical Extraction – $300
Soft Tissue Impaction – $325
  • Partial Bone Impaction – $400
  • Full Bone Impaction – $450

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We direct bill

At Outdoor Dental, we accept payments made by cash, debit, and credit card. We also accept direct insurance billing. If you have dental coverage, you need to only pay the remaining amount not covered by your insurance plan.

We accept most insurance plans: employee, government and private coverage. We understand that dental fees can be hard and every insurance plan is different. Outdoor Dental will work with you and your insurance plan.

Common Dental Insurance Coverages

  • 80-100% coverage in your plan will usually cover some treatments such as checkups, cleanings, and root canals.
  • 50-100% coverage in your plan will usually cover some treatments such as dentures, crowns, and bridges.

How your Seton dentist office can help

We will submit your dental treatment to your insurance provider electronically or by paper. At Outdoor Dental, we strive to work with you and your insurance coverage at your convenience and ease. We will try to provide you with details about your coverage and our treatments. We understand that dental plans may vary.

If you have questions about your coverage or our fees, please call your insurance provider. You can also contact us for general questions about dental fees and dental insurance.

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