January 30, 2020

Are Outdoor Dental’s Drill-Free Fillings Safe for Kids?

Getting your child to visit the dentist can be a hassle. Kids often experience general anxiety around a dental visit, which can significantly increase when they find out that they have to have extensive work done, such as fillings. Nobody particularly enjoys having a drill in their mouth, but how safe are drill-free fillings for kids?

Outdoor Dental is the only dentist in Seton, Calgary, that offers drill-free fillings for both adults and children and gives them an alternative to the traditional methods of fillings that can cause anxiety for many. This minimally invasive procedure could be a perfect fit for your child, should they need to have a cavity filled or other preventative procedure done to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Our Dentists in Seton Offer Solea Laser Drill-Free Fillings for All Patients

Traditional dental treatments that utilize a drill can cause patients to feel uncomfortable and can lead to generalized or dental anxiety. This anxiety can then lead to them putting off dental visits to avoid coming face to face with the dreaded drill. That is why drill-free fillings can make for an effective alternative to the drill, and Outdoor Dental is the only dentist in Seton that offers the Solea laser drill-free fillings to patients of all ages.

How Does Solea Laser Work?

The Solea laser is a unique tool that releases a wavelength that can directly cut both the enamel and dentine in a patient’s tooth. This method is not only fast, but is virtually painless, giving patient’s less reason to fear their dental procedures.

Another incredible fact about the Solea laser is that it allows for anesthetic-free dental work. Many patients not only fear the drilling associated with procedures such as cavities, but they do not like the pain that is associated with the actual freezing of the gums and surrounding tissue. This is especially true for those younger children, who tend to have a much lower pain tolerance than adults.

The laser works by vaporizing the tooth decay without actually damaging any of the surrounding healthy tooth structure. This results in a more stable, healthier tooth in the long run.

solea laser

Are Solea Laser Drill-Free Fillings Safe for Kids?

While the Solea laser drill-free fillings are great for adults with dental anxiety, it is also an excellent option for children. The less invasive nature of these drill-free fillings will minimize the pain your child endures through their procedure. At most, patients reported that they felt a “sensation” during the procedure; however, that sensation wasn’t associated with pain.

For children, it’s important to note that some sensations and sounds may still induce a sense of anxiety; however, the minimization of physical discomfort will go a long way in easing your child’s anxiety.

What’s more, not only are these drill-free fillings safe for kids, they are quickly becoming the preferred method of treatment for children.

What Our Patients Are Saying About Drill-Free Fillings

The patients that visit our dentists in Seton have one thing to say about these drill-free fillings: it has changed the way they look at going to the dentist.

Not only does the less-invasive nature of these drill-free fillings calm the mind of each patient, knowing that they are getting the same results, if not better, from the Solea laser is a complete game-changer. In fact, some patients stated that the Solea laser is “one of the absolute best things that has ever happened” to them as far as going to the dentist, and they highly recommend it to their friends and loved ones.

Try Drill Free Fillings at Your Trusted Dentist in Seton Today

If your child suffers from dental anxiety of any kind, it can be heartbreaking to have to take them in for even the most routine procedures. If your child requires a filling, put your mind (and theirs) at ease and discuss drill-free filling options with your dentist in Seton today.

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