Fillings without needles, freezing, and drills

It isn’t uncommon for people to experience anxiety before dental treatments. Whether our fear is minimal or extreme, 40% of Canadians experience some sort of dental apprehension.

Part of the cause of this anxiety is because of a fear of pain. Another contributing factor is the sound of the drill. The anesthetic needle doesn’t help much either.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to treat cavities that doesn’t require a drill or freezing (or, anesthesia). now offers drill-free and freezing-free fillings with the Solea Laser. We are the first dental office in Calgary to offer Solea.

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1. It’s Not Just About Drill-Free Fillings

One of the great things about this laser system is that we can use it for many procedures. It works on hard tissues, like enamel, as well as soft and osseous tissues.

2. Laser Dentistry Saves a Lot of Time

Dental appointments can be notoriously long. One reason for this is because we need time for the patient to get numb. Another is that we have to drill slowly to make sure we are as accurate as possible.

The Solea Laser is so fast and extremely accurate, that I can work on multiple teeth in one visit. Plus, in the majority of cases, you don’t need anesthesia. That means fewer and shorter appointment times!

3. The Reduction in Pain Is Amazing

This laser is fast and accurate. That means the decay is out and a filling put in with very little discomfort.

Not only is the pain reduced, the noise is too. The Solea Laser, though, is virtually soundless.

4. It’s Trusted

Lasers aren’t new to dentistry. But the older lasers aren’t nearly as effective as this one. Old erbium lasers actually vaporized water (which cooled the tooth) but chipped the enamel. The older CO2 models were only effective on soft tissue.

The Solea Laser has shown to be fast, precise, and works on multiple types of oral tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solea

Are drill free fillings safe for kids?

Absolutely! In fact, this is now considered the preferred way to perform restorative dentistry on children. The reason for this is because fillings take less time and will barely cause any discomfort.

Does this type of filling procedure sound or feel the same as traditional fillings?

Like a traditional handpiece (drill), water is still sprayed into the mouth. This keeps the tooth cool so we don’t irritate the nerve inside the tooth. However, the laser doesn’t vibrate like the average drill. The laser cuts into the enamel quickly, smoothly and painlessly.

Once finished removing decay, I fill the tooth like a normal filling, which requires some adjustment/polishing. That part will feel the same.

How do these fillings compare with the cost of fillings in general?

You might expect these fillings to be pricier than traditional fillings, but the price is the same.

Insurance can be tricky. Will they pay for these types of fillings?

Since we bill these fillings out just like we do normal fillings, the answer is yes. A filling is a filling.

I know I have a cavity that I should be filling, do I still need a dental exam and get x-rays for you to treat my tooth?

Unfortunately,  patients won’t be able to come in from another office just to have a filling done. They will need to have an exam and radiographs either sent from a previous office (must be less than 1 year old) or new ones taken by us. This allows Dr. Jay Patel to diagnose an infection in the tooth that requires a filling and whether or not it will be possible to use the laser for that specific filling.

How long does it take to get a couple of fillings with this new technique?

It takes about half the time because we don’t have to wait for tooth freezing. If you have multiple cavities we need to fill, with Solea you may not need to book multiple appointments.

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With technology that makes things like drill free fillings possible, the future of dentistry is definitely bright for our Calgary patients.

For treating cavities large and small, we practice with the utmost care and the most suitable instruments. The impact of dental health on the whole body and overall patient wellness is our passion.

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