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One Day Crown Calgary SE

Can dental crowns be done in one day?

one day crowns in Calgary SE
If you have ever had a dental crown, you might remember that it was a 2-visit process. On your first visit, your dentist removed your cavity and decayed material, then filled your tooth. Then you were fitted with a temporary crown while the mold of your tooth was sent off to a lab to create your permanent crown. Two weeks later, you came back for your crown. But now, all that has changed. Some dentists have the technology to perform a one-day crown by creating your crown while you are still in the chair!  But finding the right dentist near you to do a one day crown might be challenging. 

Finding a dentist who can provide a “same-day crown” should be simple, clear, and easy.

Dr. Jay Patel at Outdoor Dental has many years of experience as a family dentist, and he has provided crowns to dozens of patients. He has been using the newest CEREC technology so that he can provide his patients with a same-day crown.

What is a “one-day” or “same-day” crown?

one day crown in calgary se

New dental technology enables dentists to provide their patients with a crown with one appointment, not two. That technology is the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC. A CEREC crown is made out of very strong ceramic and is designed, created, and installed using computer-assisted technology. Dr. Patel no longer sends a mold off to a lab while you spend two weeks with a temporary crown. Instead, he creates your permanent crown while you are in the chair. He uses computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) to take digital images of your tooth and jaw, designs the crown, and then creates it while you wait. Your custom crown is ready in minutes for him to install and polish.

How long do dental crowns last?

Crowns are essential to restore a broken or cracked tooth, and to protect a weak tooth from breaking. They are also used to attach dental bridges that fill gaps from missing teeth, and to protect a fragile tooth following a root canal. No crown lasts forever, and the average lifespan of a crown is about ten to fifteen years. But crowns that are properly made and cared for can last for several decades. Clinical studies show that same-day CEREC crowns are sturdy and resist abrasion from teeth grinding, making them more durable. This means you are less likely to need that crown repaired. 

Factors that affect the durability of a crown are the material used for the crown, the dentist’s skills, the health of the affected tooth, clenching or grinding teeth which can wear down a crown and affect its stability. It also helps if you avoid using your teeth to uncork bottles or chew pencils if you have a crown.

How painful is getting a crown?

one day crown in calgary se

Getting a crown is not what creates pain. The pain comes from the procedure done before the crown is installed. If the crown is capping a tooth that has just been filled, then the pain level is for the work done to create the filling. The crown that goes over a tooth after a root canal doesn’t cause pain; the pain is from the root canal procedure. Modern dental freezing and even sedation dentistry can prevent pain from fillings and root canal procedures. Afterwards, if there is pain in a tooth that has a crown, that could signal that there is tooth decay or infection, or a crown with an improper fit, receding gums, or teeth grinding.

At Outdoor Dental, Dr. Patel knows how to minimize pain for his patients when they undergo any invasive procedures. He uses a Solea CO2 dental laser which replaces a drill to deliver drill-free & freezing-free dental procedures Just imagine, drill-free, freezing free and virtually pain-free dental treatments!

We do our best to give our patients safe, pain-free, comfortable treatments. 

3 simple steps to get started


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Don’t waste your time any longer!

  • Stop hesitating to get the crown you know you need
  • Forget about waiting 2 weeks for your crown
  • Don’t worry about the pain
  • Avoid chewing on a temporary crown
  • Ditch the two-visit crown
one day crown in calgary se

Make the choice that puts you first!

  • Go ahead with getting your dental crown
  • Enjoy not waiting 2 weeks for a crown
  • Relax knowing about pain-free dentistry
  • Chew right away on your permanent crown
  • Enjoy your same-day/one day single visit crown
enjoy one day crowns in calgary se

Let Dr. Patel create your custom ceramic one day crown!
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