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One Visit Dental Crowns Calgary SE

That's right.
Only ONE visit for a dental crown.

People also call them One Day Crowns, Single Visit Crowns, and Same Day Crowns. The point is, you will save a lot of time when taking advantage of this one visit treatment. Outdoor Dental, your One Visit Crowns Calgary SE Dentist. Make an appointment today!


 Are one-visit crowns as good as regular crowns?

one-visit crowns calgary SE seton CEREC machine

One-visit crowns are an innovative break-through in the dental industry made possible by technological advances like the CEREC machine.

There is understandably some confusion around the differences and similarities between traditional crowns and one-visit crowns in Calgary, SE, Seton, especially when it comes to the:

  • Production
  • Strength
  • Function
  • Longevity
  • Cost 

A common, misassumption is that because of the time efficient nature of producing a one-visit crown, that the quality may not be as high as a traditional crown, that the tooth is weaker, won't last as long and is potentially more costly due to the technology used to make them. 

We're here to help clarify that the durability of a one-visit crown in Calgary, SE, seton is largely dependent on the:

  • Quality of production technology
  • The functioning of the production technology
  • Precision of the shaping process
  • Maintenance and after-care
  • Oral hygiene 

When making one-visit crowns in Calgary, SE, Seton, we ensure that our CEREC machine is up-to-speed with any mechanical updates, part replacements and maintenance so that our crowns are produced according to the 3D imaging taken of your dentition.

This helps produce as optimal of a one-visit crown as possible within the CEREC machine's average 2 hour time window. 

one-visit crowns calgary SE seton ceramic tooth

CEREC crowns are designed for long lasting results with a potential lifespan of 10+ years — that is, of course, considering you: 

  • Brush 2x day with fluoride toothpaste for 2 minutes minimum
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Get regular cleanings every 6 months
  • And avoid exerting heavy pressure on to your teeth
  • Do NOT use your teeth as tools to open or break things 

When it comes to cost, the complexity of your specific case is usually the ultimate determining factor. With that said, less time in the dentist chair, no need for a temporary crown and less labour put into the creation of your crown can impact the cost of one-visit crowns in Calgary, SE, Seton. 

Payment plans are also available to help ensure you can get a healthier smile sooner! 

To find out if one-visit crowns fit your needs, budget and lifestyle, don't hesitate to contact us today. We're happy to help answer any of your questions! 

How long does it take to get a dental crown?

The answer to how long it takes to get a dental crown, depends on the type of technology offered by the dentist. Traditional crown placements can take two appointments that are weeks apart. However, with new dental crown restorative technology provided by CEREC, your dental crown can now be placed in one visit. Here at Outdoor Dental in SE Calgary, we have the latest dental crown technology and provide our patients with same day crowns.

Remember when you went to the dentist needing a crown? Your tooth would be shaped for the crown and an impression would then be taken, while a temporary crown is in your mouth. For many patients, this process would seem to last forever.

Next, you would have to wait for the permanent crown’s arrival. Within those two weeks, you would hope that the temporary crown did not fall off (and it usually did). In Seton at Outdoor Dental, we use CEREC®, so that long, involved scenario is no longer necessary. You walk in for your appointment and walk out with your new crown the same day.


We believe that finding the right dentist should be simple and easy.

Can dental crowns be done in one day?

If you have ever had a dental crown, you might remember that it was a 2-visit process. On your first visit, your dentist removed your cavity and decayed material, then filled your tooth. Then you were fitted with a temporary crown while the mold of your tooth was sent off to a lab to create your permanent crown.

Two weeks later, you came back for your crown. But now, all that has changed. Some dentists have the technology to perform a one-day crown by creating your crown while you are still in the chair! But finding the right dentist near you to do a one day crown might be challenging.

Dr. Jay Patel at Outdoor Dental has many years of experience as a family dentist, and he has provided crowns to dozens of patients. He has been using the newest CEREC technology so that he can provide his patients with a same-day crown.

What is a “one-day” or “same-day” crown?

New dental technology enables dentists to provide their patients with a crown with one appointment, not two. That technology is the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC.

A CEREC crown is made out of very strong ceramic and is designed, created, and installed using computer-assisted technology. Dr. Patel no longer sends a mold off to a lab while you spend two weeks with a temporary crown.

Instead, he creates your permanent crown while you are in the chair. He uses computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) to take digital images of your tooth and jaw, designs the crown, and then creates it while you wait. Your custom crown is ready in minutes for him to install and polish.

How long do dental crowns last?

Crowns are essential to restore a broken or cracked tooth, and to protect a weak tooth from breaking. They are also used to attach dental bridges that fill gaps from missing teeth, and to protect a fragile tooth following a root canal.

No crown lasts forever, and the average lifespan of a crown is about ten to fifteen years. But crowns that are properly made and cared for can last for several decades. Clinical studies show that same-day CEREC crowns are sturdy and resist abrasion from teeth grinding, making them more durable. This means you are less likely to need that crown repaired.

Factors that affect the durability of a crown are the material used for the crown, the dentist’s skills, the health of the affected tooth, clenching or grinding teeth which can wear down a crown and affect its stability. It also helps if you avoid using your teeth to uncork bottles or chew pencils if you have a crown.

How painful is getting a crown?

Getting a crown is not what creates pain. The pain comes from the procedure done before the crown is installed. If the crown is capping a tooth that has just been filled, then the pain level is for the work done to create the filling. The crown that goes over a tooth after a root canal doesn’t cause pain; the pain is from the root canal procedure.

Modern dental freezing and even sedation dentistry can prevent pain from fillings and root canal procedures. Afterwards, if there is pain in a tooth that has a crown, that could signal that there is tooth decay or infection, or a crown with an improper fit, receding gums, or teeth grinding.

At Outdoor Dental, Dr. Patel knows how to minimize pain for his patients when they undergo any invasive procedures. He uses a Solea CO2 dental laser which replaces a drill to deliver drill-free & freezing-free dental procedures. Just imagine, drill-free, freezing free and virtually pain-free dental treatments!

We do our best to give our patients safe, pain-free, comfortable treatments.


Leaving a healthy footprint on your smile

What is CEREC®?

same day crowns calgary se

The CEREC® system of dental restoration allows your dentist to create your crown during your visit with technologically advanced equipment. There are three major components to the CEREC® system:

  • The acquisition device is a very high-end camera attached to a medical grade computer. It photographs your tooth after the dentist has prepared it for a crown, creating amazing three-dimensional images that allow your dentist to design your crown.
  • Three-dimensional Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software lets your dentist view your tooth from every possible angle as if he were holding it in his hand and turning it. He uses this software to design your custom made crown.
  • The milling device is the part that actually creates your crown with the information from the CAD, the camera and the dentist’s input. The dentist inserts a ceramic block that matches your tooth into the milling device, and within a short time, it produces a crown that fits your tooth perfectly.


Using this equipment for dental crowns

  • Prepare your tooth with the drill, removing all decay, and get it ready to accept the crown
  • Take an image of your tooth using the CEREC® equipment
  • View the image and design the final restoration
  • Send the final design to the milling unit
  • After 30 minutes, place the finished crown in your mouth to ensure it is a proper fit and bite
  • Polish the crown and affix it to your tooth with dental cement
  • Recommend you not chew on that side until the anaesthesia wears off, and thank you for coming.
one visit dental crowns calgary se

What are the advantages of CEREC® One-Day Crowns or single visit crowns?

Studies have shown that these crowns last from 5 to 10 years and possibly longer. They require less of the tooth to be removed, so more of your natural tooth is saved and only one visit is needed, rather than two or three (if the temporary crown falls off). These appointments are also minimally invasive.

At Outdoor Dental in SE Calgary, we believe that getting a same day/one day dental crown should be clear, easy and simple! Book your same day/one day dental crown at Outdoor Dental in SE Calgary today!


One visit - same day dental crowns

same day dental crowns cerec calgary se

It's true: only one visit, same day

  • simple tooth restoration
  • preseves more of your existing tooth
  • no need for a temporary crown
  • same Day Crowns are super fast
  • same Day Crowns are super strong

One Visit / Same Day Crowns look like real teeth!

Hello, thank you, done!

One-Visit Crowns, also called CEREC® or single visit crowns, are, as the name suggests, crowns that are made the same day as your appointment. Maybe you don’t have time for multiple dentist appointments, or maybe going to the dentist makes you nervous. Whatever the case, one-day crowns are significantly more convenient, and they utilize the latest technology for cosmetic dental treatments.

With One-Visit Crowns is completed in one appointment. There’s no interim period of waiting for a permanent crown to be made, and you won’t have to wear a temporary crown at all. This eliminates a lot of hassle for you, the patient.

One-Visit or CEREC® crowns are made in a 3-step process. First, a medical-grade, high-quality camera and computer take 3D pictures of your tooth that has been prepared for a crown. 3D CAD (computer-assisted design) software allows the dentist to inspect every angle of the tooth in detail. Finally, a milling device manufactures the designed crown from a ceramic block right here here in our dental office in Seton.


3 simple steps to get started


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Choose healthy dentistry


Look better, feel better, live better


Don’t waste your time any longer!

  • Stop hesitating to get the crown you know you need
  • Forget about waiting 2 weeks for your crown
  • Don’t worry about the pain
  • Avoid chewing on a temporary crown
  • Ditch the two-visit crown
outdoor dental seton

Make the choice that puts you first!

  • Go ahead with getting your dental crown
  • Enjoy not waiting 2 weeks for a crown
  • Relax knowing about pain-free dentistry
  • Chew right away on your permanent crown
  • Enjoy your same-day/one day single visit crown
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One Visit Dental Crowns Calgary SE
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