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One Visit Dental Crowns Calgary SE

One visit - same day dental crowns

one visit dental crowns calgary se

It's true: only one visit, same day

  • simple tooth restoration
  • preseves more of your existing tooth
  • no need for a temporary crown
  • same Day Crowns are super fast
  • same Day Crowns are super strong

One Visit / Same Day Crowns look like real teeth!


We believe that finding the right dentist for One Visit-Same Day Crowns should be easy and simple


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How do same day dental crowns work?

same day dental crowns cerec calgary se

Hello, thank you, done!

One-Visit Crowns, also called CEREC® or single visit crowns, are, as the name suggests, crowns that are made the same day as your appointment. Maybe you don’t have time for multiple dentist appointments, or maybe going to the dentist makes you nervous. Whatever the case, one-day crowns are significantly more convenient, and they utilize the latest technology for cosmetic dental treatments.

With One-Visit Crowns is completed in one appointment. There’s no interim period of waiting for a permanent crown to be made, and you won’t have to wear a temporary crown at all. This eliminates a lot of hassle for you, the patient.

One-Visit or CEREC® crowns are made in a 3-step process. First, a medical-grade, high-quality camera and computer take 3D pictures of your tooth that has been prepared for a crown. 3D CAD (computer-assisted design) software allows the dentist to inspect every angle of the tooth in detail. Finally, a milling device manufactures the designed crown from a ceramic block right here here in our dental office in Seton.

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One Visit Dental Crowns Calgary SE
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