Children’s Dental Care

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Teaching kids the benefits of good oral hygiene starts early. It continues beyond their first dental visit. Guide your child in this process and encourage good dental habits.

A dentist for kids needs to be patient, fun, and able to communicate on a child’s level. This dentist must be able to explain the different procedures and help them be a participant in their own oral health. A friendly dentist can do all these things and more.

Dental Services for Kids

As a family dentistry in Calgary, Outdoor Dental can take care of your kids’ teeth. Our services include

checkups, cleanings, prevention and

gum care,

white teeth fillings, and

orthodontics. We also offer

sport guards for active kids.

Tooth decay is the most prevalent form of infectious disease among children, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). Prevention and care should start as early as their first birthday – this includes visiting the dentist. A family dentist can help you start your child on a good daily regimen for dental health. They can offer tips and advice for encouraging good oral hygiene and can spot problems and treat them before they become big issues. Tooth decay can lead to oral health problems down the road if left untreated. It’s important to regularly see a kid’s dentist who can circumvent these troubles.

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Outdoor Dental cares about your child’s overall wellbeing. We understand how their oral health plays a role. We can provide a fun and friendly dentistry that can help your child become a lifelong star at oral hygiene.

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