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May 28, 2020

Sensitive Teeth? 12 Helpful Tips from Your Dentists in Calgary SE

Do you ever feel a zing in one or more teeth when you eat something sweet, cold, or hot?

Sensitivity is a common dental issue – one that causes many people to miss out on some of their favorite foods. 

Thankfully, your dentist in SE Calgary, Dr. Jay Patel, has some tips that can keep those tooth zingers at bay and make eating a more comfortable experience. 


sensitive teeth

Beat Sensitivity – 12 Tips from Your Dentist in Calgary SE

Below are some ways you can reduce sensitivity, both at home and with the assistance of your dental team.

1. Brush Carefully  

Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric toothbrush that has a safety feature that stops the brush from rotating if you’re pushing too hard. If you’re using a manual brush, clean thoroughly but use gentle strokes. 

2. Choose a Toothpaste with Fluoride or Potassium Nitrate

Sensodyne contains either potassium nitrate or fluoride to fortify teeth and prevent or reduce sensitivity. 

3. Avoid or Limit Acidic Foods

Another sensitive teeth remedy is to avoid foods like: 

  • Citrus fruits
  • Sugar
  • Dairy products
  • Sodas
  • Coffee
  • Tomatoes 
  • Sauerkraut 
  • Beer

4. Rinse with Fluoride Mouth Rinse after Meals

Not only can fluoride help protect your teeth from decay – it can also reduce sensitivity. 

5. Wear a Nightguard or get a Sleep Test

Clenching and grinding can lead to enamel breakdown and lead to sensitivity. If you’re a night grinder, stopping your bruxism can be difficult to do and is often related to Sleep Apnea. In this case, getting a sleep test to rule of Sleep Apnea is advised. 

If your clenching and grinding is not related to Sleep Apnea, wearing a nightguard can help significantly. If your bruxism is particularly bad and causing tooth sensitivity and jaw pain, Dr. Patel may recommend that you wear the guard 24/7 for a while, then switching to night time wear.

6. Whiten Your Teeth Under Professional Supervision 

Tooth whitening products can cause major sensitivity issues. Avoid this by whitening your teeth with the guidance of your dental team.

At Outdoor Dental, we use and suggest products that are less likely to cause sensitivity. Depending on the health of your teeth and/or gums, we may advise you to dodge whitening products altogether until your oral health improves.

7. See Your Dentist Regularly 

Visit Dr. Patel and our hygienists at least twice a year. Cleaning your teeth will remove sensitivity inducing tartar and allow your dentist to find and treat decay or gum disease early. 

8. Talk to Dr. Patel about Cracked Tooth Syndrome 

A common cause of bite pressure and cold sensitivities is a cracked tooth. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, tell your dentist immediately. If you have a cracked tooth, they’ll likely recommend a dental crown.

9. Have Your Hygienist Evaluate You for Gum Disease

Gum disease can cause receding gums, which exposes the root surfaces of your teeth. The porous surfaces are extremely sensitive to temperature. Your hygienist can help you arrest gum disease and prevent gum recession progression. You may even be a candidate for gum grafting to cover exposed root surfaces. 

10. Check Fillings for Cracks or Leaks 

Like cracked teeth, cracked or leaking fillings can cause sensitivity, too. Filling replacement is necessary to eliminate sensitivity. 

11. Ask Your Calgary SE Dentist About Preventative Care

Dr. Patel  may recommend treatments like sealants or fluoride varnish to seal weaker areas of your teeth. 

12. Check for Dental Decay

A common symptom of dental decay is sensitivity to sweet foods. You may need a filling. 

Outdoor Dental for Teeth Remedy

Leaving a Health Footprint on Your Smile


Dental care isn’t just about protecting you from decay and gum disease. While that’s an important part of it, Outdoor Dental is all about the bigger picture. 

Great dental care makes you look, feel, and even speak better. It affects your sleep and breathing which in turn affects your productivity as well. 

Dr. Patel wants to help you live a healthy, active, pain-free life – and that can start in the dental chair. Contact your Calgary dental team today to find the best sensitive teeth remedy for your needs and to create a treatment plan that will keep you out of pain and living life to the fullest. 

Ready to put an end to tooth sensitivity? Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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