April 30, 2019

Why we switched to a plant based teeth varnish

We love going above and beyond for our patients!

We want everyone who walks through our door to have access to the newest and safest dental technology available, so we have recently made a big switch... We now offer plant-based fluoride varnishes instead of our old resin-based varnish at our Seton Calgary dentist office.

Research has shown that applying fluoride directly on teeth can help prevent decay, protects against acid erosion, and can relieve sensitivity. It’s safe and effective.

This is why your hygienists at Outdoor Dental apply a fluoride varnish on your teeth after every cleaning, as opposed to a traditional mouth rinse.

Compared to resin-based varnishes, our plant-based varnishes:

  1. Have no allergy risks
  2. Feel thinner on your teeth. Almost like nothing at all!
  3. Go on clear
  4. Are quick and easy to apply
  5. Allow teeth to absorb fluoride faster

Don’t forget to wait at least 6 hours before brushing your teeth following your dental visit!

Questions about our Seton Calgary Dentist Office?

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to ask us via our Contact Form or when you’re at the chair with either Juliana and Josee.


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