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CPAPs are not for everyone. Patients generally feel claustrophobic when they sleep with it on. Some have mentioned that they actually remove their CPAP mask while sleeping without even realizing it.

So, do the alternative – custom-built dental appliances from Dr. Jay Patel – work as a sleep apnea treatment?

Read on to find out how we ensure you can go CPAP free!

Our sleep apnea test can determine if a dental sleep appliance is right for you

To test if you have obstructive sleep apnea or to determine if a custom-fitted dental appliance is the correct treatment for you, we use the the MATRx plus. Dr. Jay Patel then consults with a certified sleep physician. Unlike other home sleep tests, the MATRx plus gives you a direct answer to the question “can I treat my sleep apnea without the CPAP?”

Fun Fact: The MATRx plus was invented in Calgary!

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A dental sleep appliance. Photo by Zephyr Sleep Technologies

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Sleep more without the snoring

Interested in learning more about how we treat sleep apnea at our Seton dental clinic? Come in for a meet and great! Dr. Jay Patel will be more than happy to demo how the Matrix plus home sleep test works.

Find snoring sleep apnea relief today

Snoring, weight gain, and fatigue are common symptoms of sleep apnea. Weight gain, aging, fatigue, heart attacks and strokes are all at a higher risk. Sleep apnea should not be taken lightly.

Let us be part of your sleep apnea care team. We’ll ensure you get the rest and the relief you deserve.

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