January 30, 2020

What does snoring do to your partner?

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How does snoring affect your partner?

If you are a snorer, you are already aware that your snoring affects your partner. Snoring can disrupt not only your sleep but can also strain your relationship and cause great resentment. If you’ve received an elbow in the ribs in the night on many occasions, you know that you can’t ignore the problem you are creating for your partner. Not only are you waking up still feeling tired, but so is your partner. This is not a good recipe for a great relationship.
In fact: 
·        Studies have shown that 80% to 90% of people who sleep beside a snorer have difficulty entering rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is the deep sleep we all need for a good night’s rest.
·        Individuals who miss quality sleep are more inclined to be irritable, feel sleepy, and have poor concentration during the day which makes them less productive and more likely to make mistakes.
·        Chronic sleep deprivation puts any person at higher risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, depression, and a weakened immune system.
·        Nearly 20% of car accidents and related injuries are associated with drivers who are experiencing drowsiness.

Avoid a Sleep Divorce

You might be on the road to having a “sleep divorce” where you and your partner sleep in separate rooms because of your snoring. This happens when the partner blames the snorer for their lack of sleep, and the snorer blames the partner for making it an issue. Instead of going down that road, consider getting the help of a dentist who understands snoring, the potential causes of it, and who knows about the snoring treatments that can save your “sleep marriage.” What can you do to address your snoring? Finding the right snoring treatment in Calgary SE might be a challenge. 

No one should struggle to get treatment for snoring.

Stop snoring in Calgary SE Outdoor Dental

Dr. Jay Patel is a family dentist in Seton, and he has helped many patients who are suffering from snoring. He is able to diagnose any type of sleep apnea and determine which snoring solution is appropriate for each patient. While some dentists suggest patients use a CPAP machine, Dr. Patel has other more successful options to offer which are customized snoring devices called oral appliances that treat snoring.


How can I stop snoring naturally?

Most snoring, but not all, is caused by sleep apnea. In some cases, it is caused by being overweight, drinking alcohol late at night, sleeping on your back, or not getting proper treatment for congestion caused by allergies or a cold. If your snoring is not due to sleep apnea, there are natural ways to address your snoring.  If you are overweight, lose weight. Learn to sleep on your side if you are a back sleeper. When you sleep on your back, your soft palate at the back of your throat naturally falls and can cause the obstruction that results in snoring. Avoid drinking alcohol at night, and if you suffer from allergies, or have congestion from a cold, use a humidifier in your room at night and take advantage of decongestants that will open your nasal passages.

However, if snoring is caused by sleep apnea, it is more serious. With sleep apnea, your body is experiencing frequent small episodes of stopped breathing throughout the night, as many as 400 times. This affects your brain and over time, this can shorten your lifespan. It is important to receive a clear diagnosis of sleep apnea and to seek appropriate treatment. 

How can I stop snoring ASAP?

Stop snoring ASAP Outdoor Dental Calgary SE
Once Dr. Patel has confirmed the cause of your snoring, he will review the results and determine if a custom snoring device will work for you. Using a digital scan, he can order an oral appliance which has been customized to fit your mouth. Once you start using your new appliance, you can start enjoying better sleeps and you, and your partner, can experience waking up refreshed. 

Here are 3 easy steps to deal with snoring:

1.     Let’s meet 
2.     Let’s talk about your snoring 
3.     Let’s solve the problem and get your sleep back

We do our best to help patients lose the snoring and regain their sleep!

Don’t go with “Maybe Later…”

·       Stop losing sleep and waking unrested 
·       End the snoring which affects your partner and relationship
·       Forget cumbersome machines that don’t work for you 
·       Stop wasting time looking for a sleep apnea dentist 
·       Leave your worry about snoring behind 

Instead, go with “Let’s do this!”

·       Get your sleep and your life back 
·       Say "Good-bye" to sleep divorce and have a happier, rested partner 
·       Enjoy a comfortable, portable, effective sleep appliance 
·       Relax knowing a sleep dentist who can help you 
·       Be worry-free about snoring going forward

Let Dr. Patel help you lose the snoring and regain restful sleep!