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November 30, 2018

Dr. Jay’s favourite hikes and activities in the winter

Winter has the reputation to keep many of us at home. The options seem limited. Why would anyone want to be outside when it’s below 0℃?  Ski, snowboard, tobogganing?

Sure, those activities are fun. But that’s not all what winter is about.

Hiking is still a great way to be outside with the family, and shouldn’t be overlooked as a fun-filled activity you can do with the little ones. After all, we live in Calgary. The land of the chinooks.

Seton, Calgary dentist answers - Why go outdoors?

Regular physical activity is one way patients can reduce the likelihood that they’ll end up with dental issues. A 2005 report published in the Journal of Dentistry explained the link between physical activity and gum disease. Over the 10-year study, patients reduced their risk of periodontal disease with regular physical activity.

Now what are my favourite hikes and things to do in the winter time with my family and friends? Let’s start with my top 5.

Snowshoeing Johnson Lake

This trail is scenic, easy, and fun for the whole family. Yes, even if you a toddler on a sled.

What I like about this trail is that it’s only 2.8km and it’s relatively flat. Even with the lack of elevation, the loop offers vast scenery of Cascade Mountain, Rundle Mountain, and Tunnel Mountain.

Tunnel Mountain Hike

Bring your ice cleats, head to Banff, and tackle Tunnel Mountain.

This hike is walking distance from Banff and never gets old. The uphill can get strenuous for some, so you may have to leave the little ones at home. But I’ve seen many parents comfortably conquering Tunnel Mountain with a bundled baby in a carrier strapped to their chests.

Lake Louise Loop

Many assume that the Lake Louise shoreline loop is just for tourists. In the winter, however, you can actually enjoy the trails with your family without having to deal with the crowds.

If you’re up for it, you can also bring your skis. Ski on the wide open frozen Lake Louise then enjoy a fun “up & down” trip back through the woods. This cross country trail in the woods is just a 100m uphill from the lakeshore walking path. To access this path, use the Fairview – Lake Louise Connector trail to ski directly from the parking lot onto the lake.

Fat Tire Mountain Biking on the Spray River Loop

Whether you decide to rent fat tire bikes or tackle this hike by foot, this 12km loop is pleasant and enjoyable. The turquoise Spray River is always in view.

The trail ends and starts at the Banff Springs Hotel.

Ice Climbing in Canmore

We’ve heard of ski trips before, but ice climbing weekends?

Canmore is a hot spot for ice climbing. Go on a getaway with your friends and dedicate a whole weekend to ice climbing. You will be sore, but it’ll be worth it.

Some popular ice climbing spots in Canmore:

  1. Troll Falls in Kananaskis Country - Check out Hiking With Barry’s blog article about this awesome winter hike and ice climbing destination.
  2. Grotto Canyon - Due to its close proximity to Calgary and Canmore, this hike is very popular. If you don’t mind the crowds, you can enjoy some of the ice climbing routes Grotto Falls has to offer.
  3. Grizzly Creek in Kananaskis - This hike is quite popular among hikers in the spring and summer, but little do they know that the creek can be a fun ice climbing route.

Have a safe and fun winter!

If you still think winter’s the season to stay home, you’re greatly mistaken. With a backyard like ours and some moderate weather we have on the forecast, my Calgary clinic team and I hope you enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.

Next time you visit our dentist Seton office, feel free to ask me any questions about family friendly winter activities.


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