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Wisdom Teeth Removal Calgary SE

Ancient wisdom:
It really needs to come out.

A wisdom tooth extraction is usually more complicated than a tooth extraction. We provide a calming environment and the least amount of discomfort. Choose Outdoor Dental. Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction Dentist Calgary SE.

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How do you know if you need emergency wisdom teeth removal in Calgary, SE?

wisdom teeth removal calgary se lady in pain

William Shakespeare himself famously said "there has never yet been a philosopher who could endure a toothache patiently". Philosopher or not, patience doesn't come easy for anyone suffering through a toothache! This is especially the case if it's a wisdom tooth.

There are varying degrees of tooth pain severity — but your body knows best and it the number one source you should listen to if any health issue is troubling you. If you're in pain, don't hesitate to make the call and book for emergency wisdom teeth removal in Calgary, SE.

Signs of an abscessed or impacted wisdom tooth can include:

  • Consistent sharp, stinging pain
  • Intense jaw pain
  • Swelling in the gums and around the tooth
  • Fever, headaches and migraines
  • Pressure in your sinuses
  • Ear pain and neck soreness
  • An unpleasant-tasting ooze

If you are experiencing one or some of these symptoms, your toothache is likely a related to your wisdom teeth.

wisdom teeth removal calgary se toothache

Don't leave it along or try to tough it out. It simply isn't worth the physical or financial toll. Left without treatment, an abscessed or impact wisdom tooth can become extremely dangerous.

Stemming from the infection, bacteria can move into other parts of your face, your skull, and even your bloodstream. At this point, your body can undergo extreme distress and trauma that requires intense medical care.

Put your health first and give yourself the care and attention needed to feel like yourself. Whether that requires emergency wisdom teeth removal in Calgary, SE or a different treatment, like a root canal, our team of experts is here to help.

We get that going to the dentist can be a total pain — but ignoring that tooth can become far, far more more of a pain!

Wisdom teeth removals are never fun, but it doesn't have to hurt

wisdom teeth removal calgary se
  • we'll let you know exactly what's going to happen
  • we'll make you comfortable and at ease
  • we'll provide clarity about cost
  • we'll ensure the patient won't feel any pain
  • we'll leave a healthy foot print on your smile!

We believe that finding the right dentist should be simple and easy.

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What happens during a wisdom tooth extraction?

wisdom teeth removal calgary se

The wisdom teeth come in after permanent, adult teeth have grown in your mouth. The average age they appear is 20 years old and they are the teeth in the mouth found in the back corners.

Some people may never have problems with their wisdom teeth. For others, they may need to be removed as a preventative measure.

Why have it done?

Getting your wisdom teeth taken out is often more complicated than a normal tooth extraction. This is because it is usually a preventative measure to circumvent problems with these teeth growing in at a wrong angle, overcrowding if the mouth doesn’t have enough room, and to ensure that the teeth don’t become impacted. Dentists ensure your wisdom teeth removal was a smooth procedure.

If our dentist must remove more than one wisdom tooth at a time, you’ll most likely receive regular freezing. Teeth extractions are outpatient procedures so you’ll go home the same day of surgery.

However, you’ll be expected to rest for the remainder of the day. You’ll also have gauze covering the extraction sites which will need to refresh every few hours.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Calgary SE
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wisdom teeth removal calgary se
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