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February 15, 2018

Are single visit dental crowns more affordable? South Calgary dentist explains

Have you ever cracked tooth? If so, you know just how uncomfortable this can be.

This condition can causes temperature sensitivity and discomfort with biting pressure. And if it’s not taken care of in a timely manner, the crack can get so bad that the tooth could fracture.

Whether you have a fractured or cracked tooth, covering the tooth with a dental crown will protect the tooth structure from further damage.

For decades, the crown process has been the same. However, there’s a new procedure called Cerec single-visit dental crowns.

What are the differences between these two types of procedures?

And is one better than the other?

What are Cerec Single-Visit Crowns and how do they differ from traditional crowns?

Let’s first look at the crown preparation process, as it’s the same for either type of crown.

I start by checking for and removing any decay in the tooth. Then, I slightly reduce the size of the tooth. This allows the crown to fit over the tooth without being bulky.

The next steps are where the single-visit crown and traditional crown fabrication process differs.South Calgary dental office using a digital scanner for dental crowns

The traditional crown fabrication is as follows:

  • An impression is taken of the tooth.
  • The impression is sent to a dental laboratory.
  • The dental lab fabricates the custom crown.
  • The patient comes back a few weeks later to have the crown cemented.

Sometimes, there is an error in fabrication and the crown doesn’t fit as well as it should. When this happens, a new impression is taken and sent to the lab. The patient then has to come back for yet another crown fitting appointment.

Most of these steps are eliminated when a patient has a single-visit crown procedure.

During this appointment, the tooth is prepared as per usual. Then, the crown is fabricated in the CEREC milling machine with the aid of a digital scanner. At the end of the appointment, the final crown is delivered and cemented - a crown preparation and delivery all in one visit.

Single-Visit Crowns and Traditional Crowns? Is one more affordable than the other?

There’s no denying that single-visit crowns can be more affordable than traditional crowns. There’s less time in the dental chair involved. Therefore, less time away from work and drive time to see us. It’s convenient, to say the least.

If you’re curious how dental crowns cost, we can send an estimate to your insurance and find out exactly how much will be covered. For a breakdown of our fee schedule, see our fees.

While the concept of a crown used to cover a damaged tooth or restore and implant is simple, the variables involved in the process will create unique experience for each patient. No two patients are exactly alike, therefore costs will differ case by case. The preparation required, amount of crowns needed vary from one patient to the next.

We direct bill

Our Seton clinic accepts payments made by cash, debit, and credit card. We also accept direct insurance billing. If you have dental coverage, you need to only pay the remaining amount not covered by your insurance plan.

It’s often the case that crowns are covered between 50% to 60%. We will submit your dental treatment to your insurance provider electronically or by paper. Our team strives to work with you and your insurance coverage at your convenience and ease. We will try to provide you with details about your coverage regarding dental crowns.

Ask me about the CEREC Single-Visit Crowns offered at our Seton dentist office

Do you have tooth sensitivity? It may be due to cracked tooth syndrome.

A crack in the tooth can lead to sensitivity with hot/cold temperature, chewing, with food & drinks.

If you have these symptoms, your best bet would be to have a dental crown. A crown will support the tooth structure and prevent the crack from getting worse.

When you come into my Calgary SE dental office to learn about your treatment options, make sure to ask me about CEREC single-visit crowns. These crowns make the process of getting a crown much easier and, in the long run, preserves the tooth and are a better option.

If you’re like most of my patients, the idea of spending less time in the dental chair and and more time enjoying life is definitely appealing.

Would you like more information about our one-visit dental crowns? Send your inquiries to my dental team or schedule a consultation. I’m happy to answer all of your questions.

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